TCAG provides genomics experimentation, informatics support and data analysis for investigators worldwide, on a fee-for-service, cost-recovery basis.
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TCAG provides genomics experimentation, informatics support and data analysis for investigators worldwide, on a fee-for-service, cost-recovery basis.
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The Centre for Applied Genomics

The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG) aims to provide genomics experimental and analytical services to users in the academic, government/NGO and private sectors worldwide. These services are provided on a cost-recovery, fee-for service basis. Projects supported span a wide range of disciplines including health, environment, metagenomics, marine biology, industrial research, biotechnology, pharma and many others.

TCAG is the Ontario Science and Technology Innovation Centre for Genome Canada, and is funded by Genome Canada, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the McLaughlin Centre, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI) through the Ontario Research Fund (ORF), The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Foundation, and other sources. In continuous operation since 1998, TCAG now operates with approximately 80 staff in the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower (TMDT) of the MaRS Discovery District. TCAG is fully affiliated with SickKids hospital and the University of Toronto, and is a core facility of the SickKids Research Institute.

Technologies and services available include:

  • DNA sequencing, including Roche/454, Illumina and ABI SOLiD high-throughput approaches, as well as conventional "Sanger" capillary sequencing
  • comprehensive informatics support
  • Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina microarrays (gene expression, tiling, genotyping, copy number)
  • Affymetrix, Illumina (GoldenGate, Infinium), MegAllele, Taqman, microsatellite and other genotyping technologies, including custom panels and markers
  • custom, long- and modified-oligo synthesis, as well as access to oligos from IDT through a dedicated portal system
  • cell culture and biobanking, including stem cell culture for cytogenetic characterization
  • cytogenomics technologies including karyotyping (G-banding, SKY), FISH mapping (2-, 3- and 4-colour interphase and metaphase), transgene mapping by G-to-FISH, G-to-SKY-to-FISH, ES and iPS cell karyotyping; fluorescent probe labeling
  • cDNA and genomic clone libraries; clone verification via end-sequencing
  • high-level statistical analysis from project design through data analysis

TCAG also hosts various databases related to ongoing supported projects, including the Database of Genomic Variants, the Autism Chromosome Rearrangement Database, and the Cystic Fibrosis Mutation Database. Development and curation of these databases is performed in-house by TCAG Bioinformatics staff.

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TCAG is a fully open facility providing service to researchers in the academic, private sector, and NGO/government laboratories. Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis and are typically governed by a standard quotation/invoicing approach. For complex projects, or clients requiring higher level documentation, service contracts or sponsored research agreements can be put in place.

Services are provided according to a standard set of terms and conditions. We also appreciate acknowledgment when appropriate. Please visit the TCAG website for more details on obtaining services, and for the acknowledgement policy.
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TCAG prides itself on providing the highest level of data quality. Hundreds of peer-reviewed publications per year acknowledge TCAG's assistance, its facilities, and the use of TCAG-hosted databases and resources (primarily the Database of Genomic Variants).
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Contributor Role In Resource Organization Country
Stephen Scherer
Primary Investigator
The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
Jo-Anne Herbrick
Key Resource Personnel
The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
Richard Wintle
Key Resource Personnel
The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute

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Application Area
Agriculture, Animal health, Bioproducts and biomaterials, Environment, Human health, Instrumentation and tools, Natural resources
Resource Type
Databases, Facilities and infrastructure, Methods and protocols, Software and analysis
Resource Focus
Cells, tissues, DNA, Model organisms, RNA, Socio-economic impact and issues
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